Terms of Service

By using the Alz Calls website, products, software, and services (collectively the "Service"), you agree to these terms and conditions (the "Terms of Service"),

We try our best to contact you if we suspect an emergency or urgent phone call. However we cannot guarantee that a phone message wil be correctly identified as an emergency.

You will always be able to:
  1. Access phone recordings and their transcripts in your account. Recordings will be stored for at least 14 days.
  2. Choose to be notified after every phone call message.

You accept it is your responsibility to listen, read, and/or interpret your own phone recordings.


Phone call recordings and user information are stored on a server located in the United States. We do not collect or transfer any data to any third party. Phone recordings may be used for quality assurance purposes or to improve our services.

You consent to having the phone calls using the Alz Calls phone line being recorded. If you or the person you are calling live in a two-party consent state, you confirm that you have Power of Attorney to provide consent for the person you are calling.

Limited Liability

You hold Alz Calls (Source Software LLC), its owner, its director and employees harmless of any claims of responsibility that may or may not arise from using the Service.