Our Team

Pauline Ng has worked in biotechnology for over 15 years with expertise in developing clinical software. She was formerly the Chief Informatics Officer of a CAP-accredited laboratory. Her partner is at high risk for Alzheimer's disease (2 copies of ApoE4). She understands the frustration of being a caregiver and finding time for one's self.

Marjodi Tumonong is a registered nurse and her grandmother has had Alzheimer's for over 9 years. Marjodi is grateful that her entire family helps take care of her grandmother. Marjodi's grandmother likes to call often, asking the kids to come over and eat so she can have some company.

Maria Sunga works as a telephone triage nurse and has taken phone calls from hundreds of Alzheimer's patients. She's helped callers when they're lost, hurt, and lonely. When callers are angry or depressed, she finds that just acknowledging the caller's feelings can make the caller feel better. She's trained not to lie, which can be difficult at times.

Tracey Matlock works in an assisted living community taking care of Alzheimer's patients. At the same time, she took care of her special needs son. Due to her heroic efforts, he lived far longer than what the doctors predicted. She likes to put her patients at ease and make them happy; they call her their best friend.

If you are passionate about improving the lives of caregivers or the elderly, please contact us to see if you can join our team!