How does Alz Calls work?

(The 5-Minute Setup)

For the Family Member of the Person with Dementia

  1. Create an account
    You will be sharing your email and password with your professional caregiver, so they can have access to your voice.
    Please choose a password you feel comfortable sharing. You can always change your password.

  2. Record your voice.
  3. Test the Alz Calls chatbot with a practice call.
  4. Give your professional caregiver your username and password.

That's it! You're all done!

You can hear the calls between your loved one and Alz Calls at

Got another 5 minutes? To make the experience even better for your loved one, see Additional Features.

For Professional Caregivers

  1. Ask the relative of the person with dementia to follow the instructions above.
  2. After the relative gives you their username and password, you can log in.
  3. When your patient wants to hear the relative's voice, make the call by going to:

    Patient Interface

Additional Features

The additional features take 5-10 minutes to set, and will improve the experience for your loved one.

Backup Synthetic Voice

We use a synthetic voice just in case your voice recordings are missing. Choose a voice that's similar to yours.

The current default is an American woman's voice.

Set Time Zone

If your loved one asks what day it is or the time, set the time zone.

You don't need to record yourself saying different times of the day; the backup synthehtic voice will be used.

Customize Call Button

Help your loved one recognize your voice on the call by uploading a picture of yourself.

Hint: Try uploading a picture of a "younger" you -- it may help your loved one recognize you.

Expanding the Conversation

Every person with dementia is different. Each person wants to talk about unique things.

If your loved one brings up a new topic, Alz Calls will note this topic in your account so you can later record your response to the new topic.

When Alz Calls doesn't know the response to a new topic, it will default to your voice recording that describes your next visit, until you to record the response.

Advanced Customization

“When you’ve met one person with Alzheimer’s, you’ve met one person with Alzheimer’s.”

We understand everyone is different so these features allow further customization.

Name the Important Things in your Loved One's Life

If your loved one always asks for someone by name, you can create a customized reply for this name.

For example, if your loved one asks "Where is my wife Barbara?" or "Have you seen Barb?", then under "Missing Persons" write wife and Barbara and Barb and record the appropriate response.

Add a Customized Question or Phrase

If you hear the same thing over and over again, you can enter this phrase in Alz Calls.