How does Alz Calls work?

When you sign up, you're given a new phone number. Use this new phone number to call your loved one and have your loved one use this phone number to call you.

Alz Calls Phone #
Your Loved One
  1. Tell your loved one your new phone number is the Alz Calls assigned phone number. You can do this by re-programming their phone or updating their phone directory.
  2. When your loved one calls this number,
    • we'll forward the phone call if you're available.
    • if you're not available, the phone will go to voicemail or our virtual assistant.
  3. To call your loved one, use the Alz Calls assigned phone number. This will directly connect you to your loved one.
    • You can always call your loved one directly, but then they might try to call you back with your original number and we can no longer screen your phone calls.

      Program us in your phone directory as loved one's name-AlzCalls

    • You need to call from the phone number that you registered with us.

Check in

Check your voicemails in your account:

Phone Messages

You can also set your personal voicemail message

Take Control

Receive the phone calls when you want. All other phone calls will go to voicemail or virtual assistant. Set the times you are available to talk and how many times you want to talk.

In your Account, click on

Set Times to
receive phone calls


In this example,

Get Notified in Emergencies

We always look for emergency words in your voicemail, such as
You will be notified by both SMS and email if we think the phone call is important.

While we try our best to detect when help is needed, we cannot guarantee that we will detect all emergencies and you should check your voicemail often. Also, you may receive notifications that are not emergencies because we err on the side of being cautious.

Keep your loved one's brain active

Our virtual assistant engages in conversation with your loved one

Stopping the Service

To stop the service:

  1. reprogram your loved one 's phone to your number.
  2. contact us to delete your account
*Our service requires phone numbers with caller ID. We are unable to support phone numbers with blocked caller ID or VoIP phone numbers.